The GSRC Stewards Room contact will happen via Smartsheet forms, and there are two circumstances in which you might choose to make contact with them:

In both of these cases, the step is the same.  Use the GSRC Stewards Room Form to submit your information, and you will receive a reply back via email. Make sure you use your correct email address, as the system will use this to inform you of the result of your protest. 

I’ve received an email telling me the Stewards have penalised me.

When the Stewards complete an investigation and list you as at fault, you will receive an automated email from the Club. You can review all the information in the easiest format (including any clips attached in the protest) by clicking on “View Request”. 

You then also have the option to appeal the decision by adding a comment and clicking “I wish to appeal”.

Please note that all appeals should be sent back to the Club within 24 hrs of receiving the email to be considered, and must contain some further information and ideally further attached videos.  (eg, “I don’t agree” is not sufficient).


What if I have an incident during a race to protest?

You can raise it with Race Control if present, or submit a protest to Stewards Room.

What if I don’t agree with the outcome of this protest?

If the protest was handled by Race Control and you have further information, you can ask the Stewards to review.

If the Stewards make a finding you don’t agree with and you have further information, you can appeal via the form.

What if I don’t agree with the Stewards final decision?

The Stewards have ultimate authority regarding the final decision of any in race incident reported via the Stewards process.

If you believe that the correct process has not been followed you may email an official complaint to the GSRC Committee via

What’s happening to the GSRC Stewards Room Facebook page?

It has been deactivated effective immediately.  Please submit all enquiries via the new GSRC Stewards Room Form.

What else do I need to remember?

All communication relating to Race Control and Stewards Room is subject to the GSRC Race Rules and their expectations regarding zero tolerance for abuse.  All communication must remain brief, factual and respectful.  Failure to adhere to this will result in your protest or appeal being disregarded and may result in a ban as per the GSRC Race Rules.