Club Rules

All GSRC members agree to the following rules when joining as a member. Any breaches of these rules that result in a formal complaint can result in dismissal from the club per the committee's discretion. Please contact the club if you feel a member has broken any of the club rules.

Race Control

At GSRC we have live race control for as many races as our volunteer numbers allow us to.  

When Race Control is present during a race, you can ask them to review an incident by providing your car number, lap number and the corner at which the incident occurred.

Race Control will then report back with:

All issues will be resolved and penalties applied during the race where this is possible.

When protests are resolved post-race, you will be notified of the outcome via email.  

If you receive a penalty as a result of a post-race investigation, you will be notified via email and have the option to respond. view the steward's page for details